Free day at the Planetarium (lack luster) and the Aquarium. Just a few photos Isac took of the fishies. A lovely day spent enjoying some of Chicago's pleasures before Isac left for Brazil!
Isac being 5 years old

tee hee


My favorite sight
Contemplating taking over the world.


Clandestine Observer

As much as I hate the term "foody",  I'm not really sure what other word to use when it comes to describing myself and my ever growing, passionate appreciation for well made food. The preparation,  presentation, creativity and passion that can be put into a dish that takes 3 bites to devour blows my mind. I was recently invited by my friend Willie Wagner to volunteer at an event that would leave any "foody" drooling. Headed by Efrain Cuevas, Clandestino Chicago Supper Club is an underground dining phenomena that is one of Chicago's best kept secrets. Basically, a hush location is chosen, a relatively small group (the dinners I participated in had about 25-40 guests) is gathered and a delicious gourmet, multiple course meal is prepared and served in a communal environment. I've only ever had the chance to enjoy the gourmet world sitting at the dinner table, but this time I got my hands dirty (that is if foie gras, tomato jam and pistachio petitza can be considered dirty). I was able to prepare these amazing dishes and take a few snap shots in between. Unfortunately, I'm not a real journalist and I forgot to get the full names of the crew and a menu of the dishes we were preparing. Forgive me, I was distracted by the little bits of edible heaven that surrounded me.

The main crew. Willie Efrain Lauren and Marielle.

Willie cooking up some polenta.

Chef Willie.

Marielle (sp?) making delicious sopes.

Efrain pouring some AMAZING cocktails. I believe it was jalapeno and lemon infused vodka with orange juice and pomegranate seeds. Funny how I remember every detail of the alcohol that was served...

Lauren preparing the amuse.

Little gourmet sausages fried in duck fat I believe. Drooooll.

Dandelion greens with squash, squash seeds and an amazing honey dressing.

Lovely three piece band.

This was by far my favorite dish. Duck, foie gras, tomatoe jam, brussel sprout crispies and some more that I can't remember but it was ethereal.

Dessert! Chocolate petitzas, with chocolate sauce, topped with an amazing cream.

A little sprinkle of fancy almond liqueur.




 After a couple of strong soul warming hot toddies, I decided to go out and photograph what I hope is the closest to the end of the world I ever come. The first few photos were taken in the middle of the storm, about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, after the encouraging cherry hot toddies. I was literally frolicking in the middle of the apocalypse. Some were taken on a 6 block trek to the grocery store to grab provisions, where along the way I again found myself jumping and running with delight like I'd never seen snow before (why am I acting like a giddy 5 year old when last I checked snow will be what my own personal hell is blanketed with?). ANYWHO... The rest were taken Wednesday evening as the sun was setting, which made for some ridiculous colors. All in Pilsen. Meteorological Armageddon sure makes for some great photo material.