This is blowing my mind right now. You gotta check this guy out. Such clean simple images but I don't get bored with looking at them. I just stare and think about the effort it took to get an image like this. The human body blows my mind on a daily basis.

Photograph by Bill Durgin

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Ribs and whiskey for dinner at Rendevouz... droooooolll

Tiramisu and a Presbyterian at the Peabody Hotel

This molding in the lobby looked strikingly similar to Louis Sullivan's work. Sullivan's being more whimsical and intricate. Did some research and turns out the man who designed the Peabody Hotel, Walter W. Ahlschlager, was an architect from Chicago. Did him and Louis work for the same firm? Perhaps, but he definitely took influence from Mr. Sullivan.

Uncle passed out on the couch? It's officially Christmas...


Suburban Glisten

One thing I took for granted while living in the burbs were the beautiful Christmas lights everyone puts up. You just don't see this kind of enthusiasm in the city, and if you do the decorations just aren't as esthetically pleasing as when they are on a big house with lots of land and trees.

Had martinis and played ketchup with my lovey Caitlin in good old Naperville. I was slightly taken aback by the level of service we received while at the bar. Maybe thats just the kind of service they give everyone in a town full of snooty assholes. We just chalked it up to the fact that we were the youngest pieces of ass at the bar by at least 20 years. Had a tequila martini. Amazing. Exchanged some serious advice and realized we are some how living parallel lives. Our own little soap operas that neither of us can wait to hear the dramatic conclusion to. <3 triangles. Why don't they make more of her in Chicago? 
Or do they...



Memphis here I come. Its officially time to get away from Chicago for a few days. Ive really grabbed the last couple weeks by the balls. Single city living is almost a death wish. No one to tell you what to do and when or how to do it. Answering only to yourself, that is if you are even asking yourself questions, is liberating and frightening. Being surrounded by family for a couple of days in a slow southern city will allow me to decompress. Maybe a visit to Graceland, a night out seein some live Memphis blues. As much as Ive relished the activities participated in and time spent with friends, I wont hesitate to say Im glad to be removing myself from the equation. Enjoy the snow betches.


Adventures of a Snow Bunny

Long Gone Lonesome Boys

Christmas Mobile

Cristkindl Market 

Curious Snow Bunny

Snuggle Snow Bunnies

Smokin in the Boys Room


Delicious findings from the French Market! Prosciutto, Sopressata, baguette, Pilsen honey...drooooollll.


Paradigm Shift

Everything, it seems lately, has been a blessing in disguise. Including the view from my kitchen window in my new home. The majority of the view is blocked by a brick wall and an oddly protruding I-beam. But the rest...What more do you really need to see?