Suburban Glisten

One thing I took for granted while living in the burbs were the beautiful Christmas lights everyone puts up. You just don't see this kind of enthusiasm in the city, and if you do the decorations just aren't as esthetically pleasing as when they are on a big house with lots of land and trees.

Had martinis and played ketchup with my lovey Caitlin in good old Naperville. I was slightly taken aback by the level of service we received while at the bar. Maybe thats just the kind of service they give everyone in a town full of snooty assholes. We just chalked it up to the fact that we were the youngest pieces of ass at the bar by at least 20 years. Had a tequila martini. Amazing. Exchanged some serious advice and realized we are some how living parallel lives. Our own little soap operas that neither of us can wait to hear the dramatic conclusion to. <3 triangles. Why don't they make more of her in Chicago? 
Or do they...

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