It's funny how popsicles can make strangers into friends. For example a couple could be walking down the beach on a secluded island adventure when suddenly a fellow popsicle enthusiast pops out of the bush looking for a light because his popsicle went out. Now 4 people, from extremely different walks of life are enjoying some light conversation, as none of them speak the same language, sharing popsicle flavors. One of the men may be named Carnval and he would have been an extremely patient individual. Going so far as to draw photos in the sand to communicate with us, uh I mean the lovely gringoes on their island adventure....yea... He may also have been an artist that had moved to said secluded island to escape the harsh landscape and rough ways of the people in Salvador. Carnaval also would be so kind as to allow one of these gringoes to photograph him creating his art which he sculpts out of found and recycled pieces of wood. These are probably what the photos would have looked like :)

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