Food or Sex?

Today, Caitlin asked me if I had to give up one for the other would I choose sex or food. Without meaning to offend anyone, and without a doubt in my mind I blurted out "FOOD!". And if every meal were as earth shattering as the few (and by few I mean MANY MANY) I have enjoyed in NYC, you'd have no problem agreeing with me.

Roberta's for brunch. Trout, ramp cream cheese and arugala on a toasty bagel. I also enjoyed the best Bloody Maria EVER. I was really stoked to see New Orleans style chicory coffee on the menu too! A little taste of my past NOLA adventures in NYC.  Caitlin and I also split a heavenly sticky bun seen in the upper left corner. 

So, one of the main reasons we went to Roberta's was to enjoy their heavenly fried chicken. When I didn't see it on the brunch menu I thought it would be worth a try to ask if they could make it. The waitress, although extremely annoyed by the question, did tell us that they wouldn't be making it anymore and the inventor of the recipe had moved on to Pies 'n' Thighs. We already had dinner planned and we hadn't even ordered brunch yet. This meal scored very high on the southern cuisine 'O' meter. The biscuits were so moist (heh heh) it didn't even need the butter that I asked for and never got. Plus, they have REAL sweet tea. Not the shit most yankee places have that comes out of the soda machine.

Death and Co. was the name of this pre-prohibition era inspired drinkery. Those of you from Chicago can find the same atmosphere and beverages at Violet Hour. In fact the owners are acquaintances and share the same passion for quality cocktails. The only part of this drink I remember is that it was tasty, strong and full of good whiskey. (Insert "Just how I like my men" joke here.)      

$1 organic coffee and a roasted veggie wrap with hummus and alfalfa sprouts. $6.50, filled me up until 4 pm and gave me enough energy to roam around the Natural History Museum for 6 hours. The worst part about this meal was getting on the train and having to wait 6 stops to sit down and eat because the train was so crowded.

See "Where christmas lights meet chili pepper lights" post to see exactly what was happening around us. Full table of some of the best Indian food I've ever had equals HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY JESSICA!!

This little gem was discovered at a Luncheonette in the Upper East Side after I found out the Guggenheim was closed on Thursdays. LLAAAMMME. I can't remember what this was called but all you need to know is that it was everything that is right with the world in between 3 toasty pieces of bread. Roast beef, bacon, a fried egg, cheese and some sort of "Russian" sauce. Totally worth the $16 spent on that and the home made chocolate cake donut seen below. 

Last but not least, Asia Dog. Was at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green, hung over beyond believe with one intention, eat as much gourmet street food as possible. These little (HUGE) doggies were 2 for $7. On top we have a beef frank with asian slaw and scallions. SO fresh and crispy. Below we have hot dog decadence. Pork belly marinated in plum sauce, scallions and fresh pickles. Ri.Dic.U.Lous.


  1. I want to eat all this food! Again! And now!

  2. haha i was just scrolling through the food photos and my mouth literally started watering and all the flavors came back to me. mmmmmmm!!