New York Adventures

You'll have to forgive my lack of explanations on these photos. I've spent the last 2 days consuming nothing but meat and tequila at Memphis in May. Photos to come soon. My brain is a little backed up. But enjoy the New York scenery one last time. Ok, well maybe this won't be the last NYC post. I did so much I have a feeling I'll be in Brazil and still trying to sort through the New York images. Cheers.

Cuties in Manhattan!

Brooklyn Bridge geometry

Brooklyn Bridge in all its iconic American glory

Chinatown produce

Hello Kitty

OK, this one is getting a good explanation. After seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met I was left in tears, literally. Partly because there was so photography allowed. So when we past the McQueen boutique we HAD to stop in. There in front of us hung $15,000 gowns. I was left in awe. It gave me hope, seeing them that close, that one day I'll be able to afford some of his pieces. 

This is the High Line. For some years it was an abandoned elevated track. Now its been revitalized with greenery, lounge chairs and even a little man made "stream" that you can walk in to cool off your feetsies.

This little stream was GENIUS. Specially after walking like 5 miles to get there.

So a little story about these AMAZING rings. They are hand made with ceramic and glass. Fucking gorgeous. Just don't wear them if you are doing ANYTHING. I purchased one for a reasonable $25 and the next morning it got caught on the door and ripped in half. Not to mention the glass sliced my finger. It was worth it though, if I had my way I'd buy another.

Organic ice cream from a food truck. Organic means its good for you right? Riiigghhhtt??

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