Free Evolution

SO, I spent a day in SoHo, roaming the cobble stone streets and appreciating most of the stores from a distance. I mean I'm not really sure if or when I'll ever be able to waltz right into Burberry and say "I'll take that, that aaannnd might as well take one of those too!" BUT, there are plenty of stores you can walk in to and you don't have to feel guilty about not spending a dime. The Evolution Store is one of those places. And if you happen to like all things dead and stuffed, you've really hit the jack pot. I stopped by on a recommendation by Caitlin, my wonderful and informative host in NYC. Visual madness! It was like a teeny tiny lil Natural History Museum that you can put in your pocket and take home. (everything is for sale you know. I mean who wouldn't want a billion year old, giant sharks tooth for a cool $5,000?)  In the middle of my awe a lively fellow challenged me to a shoot off. Dueling DSLR's. I won. Obviously. Enjoy the dead and lovely.

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