I finally made it the West! My lovely hosts Judah and Amanda did their absolute best to keep me entertained and they definitely out did themselves with this experience. The Sundance Steak House and Saloon was the venue for a good old fashioned American evening.

First, we enjoyed the sunset while watching a bull riding competition. It was so surreal. This was pure western American culture right down to the propaganda laced speech made before the singing of the national anthem while a 5 year old held an American flag that was 3 times the size of him. I had to do everything in my power to not laugh, I'm afraid if I had I would have been kicked out or shot. The best quotes I can remember go as follows "I was watchin' the news the other day and I just have to say, we got that son'a bitch!" (crowd begins to wooo! and clap) and "This is the most god damn beautiful flag the world!" "America is the best damn country in the world!" After the men rode the bulls, they had the kids ride sheep, bare back! And for that, I have to agree with the aforementioned quote. 

 After we muddied our boots and got good n drunk we headed in doors and boot scooted and 2 stepped to our hearts desire. It really was one of the most amazing experiences. Cowboy hats, Levi's and shit kickers as far as the eye could see. It was a place stuck in a romantic and simple time. Not a lake I could wade in for a prolonged period of time but it was nice to soak my feet for a minute.

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