Whatever Happened to Bands Getting Better

They never fail in the album art category.

I recently listened to The Dwarves new album and I'll preface this with that fact that, yes I know I'm not a music critic. But I am a fan and what else really matters to a band with with their kind of status. But really? What is this crap? I'm going to see The Dwarves tonight and thought I'd take a peak at their new album. As soon as I heard Blag wining about how life used to be so much simpler and now he's "a working class ass hole" now, I immediately pushed pause with a scowl on my face. I frantically searched for Blood Guts and Pussy to audibly redeem myself. Now, I get that The Dwarves and most punk genre bands aren't musical genius' but does that mean they all have to turn into crap slinging assholes? Or another side to the story, maybe I'm the asshole. Maybe I've "grown up" too much and just can't appreciate horrible music like I used to in my psychotic teens. Either way, I'm going to enjoy the show a little less tonight for having listened to that album but I'm sure it's nothing a few (many) glasses of tequila and punk rock show antics can't remedy. XO

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