Apparently, today is a holiday in Brazil. We, unfortunately, found this out by showing up at the Mercado Municipal at 4 only to see the doors closing early for the holiday. Damn it. So, we decided to take advantage of the few daylight hours that were left and took some photographs. This was specifically fun for me considering I was using a new lens. A 50mm 1.4 Pentax lens to be exact. It was limiting in a lot of ways but it forced me to change my perspective as a photographer. I had one range instead of multiple with my 18mm-200mm lens I usually use. I also really liked the softness this lens gave when I took the aperture all the way down to 1.4. Not the best work I've done but the first in Sao Paulo. 
Sao Paulo through my bedroom window

Isac and Da Bears

In front of Sao Bento Church

Isac's friend Julian. Cool dude

Gay pride festival. Pretty lights

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