Pride Parade Sao Paulo 2011

So, as you may have seen on my Facebook posts or heard from being part of the LGBT community, Sao Paulo is known for hosting the largest Pride Parade in the world. With more than 3 million people participating, it was a MUST see/photograph event for me. I water proofed my camera with a shopping bag and some masking tape and we set out into the rain to shake our booty's down Avenida Paulista with 3 million other LGBT supporters. As soon as we got off the metro, probably more than 100 ft underground, we could feel the bass from the floats passing by over head. It was an experience I won't soon forget. People dancing, smiling, making out with strangers. The Brazilians are not a shy folk when it comes to PDA. Add a couple hundred thousand excited, slightly intoxicated gay boys and girls you get a whole lot of lovin' going on in the streets. See for yourself. 
This was just a portion of the parade. It was MASSIVE.

Father and Son

Everyone wanted me to take their photo. It was a refreshing departure from having to sneak the photographs.


Lovin in the rain

Isac always keepin it gangsta

The Backstreet Boys showed up

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