America's Birthday in Brazil

If I were going to complain about being in Brazil on an amazing, once in a lifetime adventure America's birthday would be the appropriate time. The day started with dreams of getting tipsy (shmammered) on the national beverage, Caiparinha's, which is basically a sweet Gimlet made with sugar cane booze,  and eating at, in the true American spirit, the most delicious and expensive pizza joint in town. However, things took a turn, for the not so worse, and we ended up with a more modest celebration.

Isac has an older Polish gentleman friend, Jasinksi, that has a antique restoration space of sorts here in Sao Paulo. He called and invited us over for soup. A steaming hot bowl of soup and Jasinski's company turned out to be a perfect remedy for the wet 45 degree weather. The best part, beyond the soup, was taking a gander at all the paintings, statues and other knick-knacks waiting for their turn in the restoration line.

After our visit with Jasinski, we headed to Isac's friend Melina's house. She, as well as Isac, is here on a Fulbright scholarship and to much delight, has the same predilection for whiskey as I do. It was a tame evening spent with fellow American's, drinking cheap beer and whiskey. Which, really what more could you ask for when you're in another country on the 4th of July? We did go for a long walk with seeing a movie in mind but upon arriving at the theater and seeing the $16 price tag we decided that our money would be better spent on coxina's and more booze.

My photo's from the 4th of July aren't particularly interesting or great. I'm more posting them for all my friend's who spent the weekend obliterated, blowing things up for hours on end in the scorching summer heat. I hope you appreciate the fun you got to have you bastards. <3

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