Brazilian Winter

FINALLY went to the beach in Brazil! Sao Paulo is about 60 miles inland so unless you have a car it's really hard to get to the beach. Thanks to a friend's friend, well I guess he's my friend too, Mao, we (Melina, Mao, Tiago and myself) were able to drive over the hills and through the jungle to get to the coast. I don't remember the name of the beach but all you really need to know is in the photos below. Beautiful hills topped with a fine mist, crabbies scuttling in and out of the water, waves speckled with surfers and picnic all on a wintery, brisk 80 degree day. I had a holy shit moment while slowly sinking in the sand as the waves washed in and out. Holy shit I'm living in Brazil, holy shit I'm living my dream, holy shit nothing else matters except all of this. The next 2 months will be all about reliving that moment and clinging tightly to that feeling.



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