Paraiso em Boipeba

Boipeba is a tiny island off the coast of the state of Bahia in Brazil. A paradise that, if you are poor, is hell to get to. For the rich, there is a plane you can take from Salvador straight to Boipeba in about 30 minutes. For the poor (us) the trip goes as follows: A 10pm, 3 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Salvador. A 4 hour wait in the Salvador airport. A 5am, 1 hour bus ride through some not so comforting parts of Salvador to the ferry. A one hour ferry ride to Itapirica. A 2 and half hour bus ride from Itapirica to Valença. A 2 hour lunch and intermission (waiting for bus 3) in Valença. An hour and half bus ride through the back country and pot hole filled roads of Bahia. This bus ride will forever be carved into my brain as the most painful vehicle ride of my life. The pot holes were the size of the Asiatic cows that grazed in the fields lining the road of death. This bus transported us to the final lap of our trip, a one hour ferry ride to the Brazilian utopia, Boipeba. There are plenty more posts to come regarding this island, so as much as I would like to give away the details of our trip now, my lips will remain sealed. This is my documentation of our hellish trip there and a few sneak peaks of our stay at the end of the video. After 2 weeks cut off from the world; no internet, no cell phone, no tv I'm SO happy to be back in touch with the world. NOT.

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