Right near da beach BOI-EEE!

Not much explaining needed for this post. Just beautiful images of all the beaches we spent 2 weeks exploring. The whole island of Boipeba is about 6 miles long and about 2 miles wide. There are no cars on the island just tractors and horse drawn wagons. So to get form one side of the island to the other you must walk through the interior or you can chose to walk the miles of beautiful coast line. We took both and I must say neither were disappointing. When walking through the interior I liked to imagine I was in a super happy not so frightening version of 'Lost'. And instead of an ominous black mist chasing us there was a fine glowy sea mist kissing our skin. My favorite beach by far was Praia da Cueira. When I walked onto this beach I felt like I had just walked into someones Window's desktop photo. Coconut groves and huge waves. <3 My second favorite were the tide pools. Sea creatures galore and crystal clear water. The only reason this was not my favorite spot was 1: we didn't have snorkels and 2: coral and rock are NOT as fun to walk on as they may seem. Also, a crowded day at the beach in Boipeba meant you saw max 10 people. We really were on a deserted island. Feast.
Tide Pools

Tide Pools

Praia Da Cueira

Canoe. Tide Pools.

Beach Ballin'.

Donkey. Praia Da Cueira.

Praia Da Cueira

Boca Da Barra. I watched this man make this net by hand a few days before.

Velha Boipeba. Low Tide.

Our sand fishy we made with sea shells.

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