This was the single most awe inspiring exhibit I have ever seen. Jellies at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. That's including all the art museums I've been to in the world, all the natural history museums I've been to in the world, regardless of how many drugs I had consumed prior. The only one that might give Jellies a run for its money would be the Alexander McQueen exhibit I had the pleasure of experiencing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, which stands to this date as the ONLY exhibition that has ever brought me to tears. Now, I sorta feel like this is a weak sauce photo post in comparison to the rest but I haven't done one in a while and figured some is better than none, right? Plus, Jelly fish are wicked awesome.


  1. Um HELLO you don't even say where the exhibit is you fool! The Shedd? I'm going to assume so... Those pictures are beautiful. They don't even look real!

  2. YES! See, Im so bad at "journalism". Im just good at making things look pretty. I'll edit that now....