Growing Garden Love

I've always wanted a garden. Mostly I've just always wanted to grow strawberries. My grandma always had strawberries growing in her garden and my other grandma always made sure there were plenty in stock when I would visit as a child. I finally have some sort of space and surprisingly enough time to devote to growing some delicious strawberries and much more. At this point I have two cherry tomato plants, six strawberry plants, two peppermint plants, one mint plant and EIGHT (!!) pepper plants. OH, and I forgot to mention the two cucumber plants I adopted! Ive also got some little baby cilantro's that I started from seeds, not even thinking they would actually grow and to my delight FOUR of them did. Mind you this list doesn't include the five planter boxes I have with regular old annuals and perennials in them. I bit off way more than I can chew and I couldn't be happier. Turns out the side effects of having lots of flowers on the balcony is that I now have a purdy party space and I plan to put it to good use this summer!
 Yay city gardening!

Baby chili's

First big berry!

Baby Berry

 The neighbors bee's doing work in my garden!


These little guys will be cherry tomatoes soon!

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